What should I wear to an exercise class?

Wear light, comfortable fitted clothing such as leggings, jogging pants, t-shirts. Please bring a long-sleeved top or fleece for the cool down exercises. It is important to keep the body warm while performing muscle stretches.  All exercises should be performed bare-footed, although socks can be worn.

What do I need to bring to a fitness session?

A Pilates or Yoga mat, a bottle of water and a towel. Please note: it is not recommended to use a towel to practise on, this should only be used for comfort.  

What shoes do I need for running?

Running shoes are specific to running.

They have two main functions: cushioning and guidance.

Feet differ. Take your trainers to your nearest specialist shop and get the right advice from the outset… you may save a lot of injury time, and money!

What should I wear for Run Fitness sessions?

Ladies: Ensure you have a well supporting bra designed for running.

You don’t have to spend the earth, many stores have a good range at sensible prices and a good sports bra will be a good investment regardless of whether you get the running bug.

Everyone: Any comfortable shorts, T-shirt or top will do until you spot the real gear beckoning from the sports rails.

I am new to exercise and I’m not sure what to expect....

Although the emphasis is on improving your health and wellbeing, the classes are a great opportunity to have fun and meet new people who share a similar interest. Each session will have background music to lighten the mood.

Can I attend a class if I’m pregnant?

Please contact Michelle to discuss your pregnancy further, so the correct exercise prescription can be offered.

Can I attend a class if I’m post-natal?

Post Natal clients are welcome to attend a Beginners Pilates class at Level 1 after a post-partum check at 8 weeks and full sign off by the doctor. It would be recommended to have a personal introductory session first.

Do you allow children to exercise in class?

Children over the age of 12 are welcome to come and exercise. Before you book please contact Michelle to discuss any additional exercise requirements required.

How can I pay for my classes?

Please refer to the classes page for information on ways you can book and pay.

What do I do if I need to cancel my class?

Please refer to cancellation policy. Please contact Michelle if you have booked and are unable to attend.

I have a medical condition or a recent injury, will this prevent me from attending a class?

As with all exercise programmes, please seek medical advice from your doctor before undertaking any form of exercise. Each student is required to fill in a health questionnaire know as a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q).


Arrive On Time

Please arrive on time It is important to be at class on time as it shows respect to the teacher and the other clients. Similarly, late arrivals (i.e. later than the scheduled start time) will unfortunately not be admitted, as this will disrupt the class in session.

Let me know about injuries or changes in your body

Please always let me know if your health changes in any way, it’s important we prevent injuries.

Ask appropriate questions

Some questions can wait until after class, but sometimes a certain exercise — in that moment — triggers a question that has been lingering. I think it’s fine to ask a question like that during class.

Don’t do exercises that hurt your body

You are responsible for your body. If I ask you to do something that really doesn’t feel right for you (which is different than “requires exertion”), it is alright not to do it. Please ask me for a modification.

Please complete the online PAR-Q and hand it to Michelle before participation. All information held is confidential.

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