Sports Nutrition is an important part of training and race/competition preparation for any athlete. The food we eat provides the energy we require to perform and impacts on performance, strength and recovery.  

Through a tailored plan you’ll learn how to eat and fuel for your body for your fitness program or for competitive events to get the best results.

Each plan will identify before/during and after training carbohydrate requirements plus the amount of protein required to help your muscles recovery and the water you’ll need to stay hydrated throughout. 

You’ll learn how supplements can help support a training program. From protein shakes to electrolyte drinks, they are a good addition to help your body refuel and repair, but keeping food as the first source of fuel will ensure you get the right nutrients to support your immune system. 

Sport and Exercise Nutrition Advice £44.50 per month

A tailored plan with calorie, macronutrient and hydration intake information

Please note, this package is included with the Race Preparation program.