WORKSHOPS, courses & classes

 Join a workshop, course or class with a running coach to improve your technique and learn a more efficient ways of training to reach your goals.  In these sessions you will learn the requirements and protocols involved in distance-running training and how to prevent injury and manage performance issues that comes with endurance training.



Speed for distance runners track session

The speed for distance runner session has been tailored with effective running drills and techniques to enable you to go faster.  Get the chance to put your new techniques to the test with Michelle’s Track session of the month.

Suitable for all levels.

Based at St. Ives, Cambridgeshire, Outdoor Athletics Track. Limited to 12 runners. £8.50 (includes entry to the track)

All runners will be required to complete a Physical Activity Readiness form and also a Covid-19 screening questionnaire. Physical distancing must be adhered to all at times.

NEXT SESSION 11th September 2020 8pm – 9.15pm


spring 2021 marathons workshop

NEXT WORKSHOP Will be scheduled early Autumn 2020
A workshop to help people plan for a spring half marathon or marathon.
Maybe you are new to the distance and no sure where to start, or you’ve been racing the distance multiple times and don’t seem to be improving, this workshop will help you plan for your race and ensure you’re training correctly.

There will be a talk on eating around running as so many runners put on weight with endurance running. Learn how to build the correct nutrition plan to help you through your training and for race day. You’ll get information to take away from the day. They’ll also be a Q and A section so you can ask any questions. 

coach 2 5km runner workshop

A coaching session for anyone on a Couch 2 5km program who needs some coaching support to help improve basic run technique without needing a fancy sports watch. Great for anyone using running to improve general health. You won’t be asked to run far, this course is more about helping you establish efficient run form, teaching breathing techniques and providing you an opportunity to chat about your challenges as a new runner.

The session is 90 minutes and split up into topics such as;
How to run easy and enjoy it;
Basic Run technique to help you move efficiently, whilst trying to prevent injury;
Advice on how to tailor any generic plan to your fitness and how to prevent burnout;
Why walking is important in a run program for beginners and how to structure a run/walk training session;
How to lose weight using a beginner program.

You’ll have chance to participate in a run warm up, technical drills tailor to beginner runners and how to cool down correctly.

All you need is a good pair of run trainers, water and the desire to be the best runner you can be.

This is an outdoor group session with 5 person max capacity. Social Distancing will be applied. Session is delivered by Michelle who is a UK Athletics licensed Coach in Running Fitness. Full welcome information will be sent to each participant. Session open to 12+ years old, those under 16 will need a parent/guardian present.