RUN Coaching




“Michelle’s coaching has really helped me understand running and how to improve, by breaking it down into stages I have been able to focus on each specific part of running and work on it so I improve overall.  I have now signed up for the Stockholm marathon and Michelle’s online coaching which is great to give me a bespoke plan to train to. I would highly recommend Michelle if you want to improve your running and reduce your risk of injury.” –Dave, 2021


Behind Every Runner has designed a six-session course covering run technique, which is suitable for new runners, novice or experienced. Every week you’ll have 45 minutes with a run coach to help you develop and improve your run form.

Week 1 – Arm Drive

Week 2 – Posture

Week 3 – Breathing

Week 4 – Foot Placement

Week 5 – Hip and Leg Drive

Week 6 – Cadence and Stride

RACE PREPARATION 1-2-1 COACHING £180 6 x 45 minute sessions OR (£40 PER HOUR)

Behind Every Runner has designed sessions for race preparation. Every week you’ll have 45 minutes with a run coach to help you develop your speed endurance.

Week 1 – Warm-Up and Video Analysis

Week 2 – Arm, Drive and Hip Placement (Posture) and Breathing

Week 3 – Fast Feet Drills (Cadence)

Week 4 – Knee Drive and Forward Lean

Week 5 – Leg Turnover and Striding

Week 6 – Striding Practice using Fartlek

Purchase another block of sessions to add speed stamina development:

Weeks 7 – 12 Development of Vo2 Max or Tempo Threshold depending on race distance


Make instant changes to your running style to help you run more efficiently, helping you reach new levels with your running.

Runners Assessment with Video Analysis £59

An assessment of your current run style can help you become a stronger runner and identify any habits that may be causing you issues. Whether this is down to poor movement mechanics or incorrect training, identifying these areas can mean injury prevention and training success.

After a suitable warm-up, Michelle will capture your current run style using video analysis. Michelle will show you the drills you need to practice to help you develop into a stronger runner. After the assessment, you’ll receive an athlete profile PDF report which includes your video analysis to help remind you how to improve your running efficiency. This is also an opportunity to chat about your current training to ensure it’s appropriate for your goals.