RUN Coaching





Bodymode® Coaching has designed a six-session course covering run technique, which is suitable for new runners, novice or experienced. Every week you’ll have 45 minutes with a run coach to help you through your run form development. 

Week 1 – Arm Drive

Week 2 – Posture

Week 3 – Breathing

Week 4 – Foot Placement

Week 5 – Leg Drive

Week 6 – Cadence and Stride

RACE PREPARATION 1-2-1 COACHING £180 6 x 45 minute sessions OR (£35 PER HOUR)

Bodymode® Coaching has designed sessions for race preparation. Every week you’ll have 45 minutes with a run coach to help you develop your speed endurance.

Week 1 – Warm Up and Video Analysis

Week 2 – Arm, Drive and Hip Placement (Posture) and Breathing

Week 3 – Fast Feet Drills (Cadence)

Week 4 – Knee Drive and Forward Lean

Week 5 – Leg Turnover and Striding

Week 6 – Striding Practice using Fartlek

Weeks 7 – 12 Development of Vo2 Max or Tempo Threshold depending on race distance

One-to-One Run Coaching


Runners Assessment with Video Analysis £79

A 60 minute assessment with a coach of your current run style to help you identify any habits that may be causing you issues.  

We’ll go through all the basic run technique, such as arm drive, posture, breathing, run cadence etc. which will make instant changes to your running form. 

You’ll receive feedback from a coach to help you improve your running efficiency through a PDF runners assessment report which includes video analysis. This will help you remember what to focus on when you go running.


Get me started running plan (4 WEEK MESOCYCLE @ 49.99 PER MONTH)

A written plan to get you started running based around your current fitness. Most runners start with a run/ walk program to help develop aerobic fitness. Your coach will work with you to schedule around 3-5 sessions a week, based on your lifestyle and you’ll get a mix or easy and structured sessions each week to help keep you motivated. Most runners start with a 5km goal in mind but this can be reduced if you just want to get running for improved health.

This plan is delivered via Bodymode Coaching online training platform.

RACE PREPARATION PLAN (4 week Mesocycle @ £49.99 PER MONTH)

From 100m to Ultra Distance, if you’re a runner who wants to achieve more then you will be completely prepared when you stand on the start line with one of these race preparation plans.

Every athlete will go through profiling so we can understand you as a runner; from what motivates you, to highlighting your successes, but also your goals for the future.

Perhaps you struggle to pace yourself well in a race, or you are finding it hard to stick to structured training, a coach can help advise you how to develop yourself into the best runner you can be.

Your 4 week mescocyle will tell you when and which sessions you need to focus on for that day and through the microcycle you’ll be advised how to conduct your run sessions. 

The programs are designed to work you to heart rate, as well as perceived effort and pace. You’ll ideally need a sports watch, and the coach will need access to Garmin or Strava etc, to be able to analyse data to feedback

This plan is delivered via Bodymode Coaching online training platform.